Violette Family Reunion 2011

Van Buren, Maine August 5-7, 2011

Dwight, Jan, Sal, Jean, Chris and Bob are among the 175 folks that attended the 2011 Violette Family Reunion in Van Buren, Maine. Van Buren is an important place in the history of the Violette Family, as Francois Violette settled here. Most North American Violettes can trace their ancestry back to Francois. Van Buren is also the birthplace and childhood home of Roland Violette the father of Carolyn, Dwight, Chris and Jean.

The event was held at American Legion Hall and the nearby Acadian Village.

For more information on the reunion and other information on the Violette Family visit the Violette Family Association web site at:
The house at right is located at 109 Violette Street. It has been rebuilt over the years, but still has some of the structure from when Francois lived there. Just behind this house once stood the boyhood home of Roland Violette.
The four photos below show: 1) Dwight, Jean and Chris at Violette Brook, 2) Sal, Dwight and Ray Bolduc {Ray is Chris, Dwight and Jeans fist cousin} , 3) Dwight, Chris and Ray and 4) Bob & Chris with Paulette and James Violette of St. Leonard, NB. James had taken up painting after a stroke he suffered 10 years ago. He donated one of his paintings for the raffle and we were fortunate enough to win it.
There is evidence of the Violette presence all over town. Above is a street sign and below are pictures of Violette Brook and Chris at the monument dedicated to Francois Violette in recognition of his importance in the history of the Vilolette family and his contribution to the St. Johns river valley area.