Bright Leaf

Bright Leaf Preserve consists of 216 acres of undeveloped land within the city limits of Austin. It was donated by Georgia Lucas. They offer guided hikes on the second Saturday and second Sunday of each month. We took the Saturday April hike. The hike was about 4 miles and took about 2 1/2 hours. There was a moderate evevation change.

The preserve is the nesting area for the endangered golden cheeked warbler. We didn't see one, but we did hear it.

Below are a few of our photos from the hike:

For more information on the preserve go to:
The Trail
Texas Wafer Ash. The Swallowtail butterfly prefers the leaves of the tree to lay their eggs.
Twisted Yucca. The fibers of the leaves of this plant can be used to make rope.
Red Oak Gall. This abnormal growth is caused by a small wasp.
Georgia Lucas house
Cedar Sage
Texas Blue Star
Mimosa Borealis