Mt. Pleasant Camping

We slept three nights in our tent. Although rain had been in the forecast, we only had some light showers the first night. It was hot and humid, however. Our tent is shown at left. On the right are some other photos of us around the campsite.

As you can see our time at camp revolved around cooking and eating. Some things just taste better when you are camping.
After dinner on the first evening we were catching up on the eight years since we had last gotten together, when we noticed a "log" dissappear in the water. Thinking that was strange, we investigated.

The "log" reappeared. It was a 3 foot long alligator, swimming about 10 feet from the shore. Later we saw signs stating that you should not feed or harrass the alligators.

Here you see a gator sizing up a couple of ducks.
Of the several birds that we saw was this Anhinga. The get their food by swimming just below the surface of the water and stabbing a fish or baby alligator with their sharply pointed beak. This results in the wings getting water logged, so they have to dry them.

In this photo he is drying his wings after a swim. You can see the piano key pattern on the back of his wings.

We enjoyed the changing light over the lake at various times of the day. At left, I try to capture the "fall colors" of the evening sky.

Below are a couple of shots of the same scene in the morning and evening.