Michaud Family Reunion 2014

St. Agatha, Maine

The Michaud Family held their 2014 reunion at the St. Agatha Catholic Church on August 16th in St. Agatha, Maine. This, along with the Violette reunion, was held as one ot the 120 family reunions in conjunction with the 2014 World Acadian Congress.

Chris' mother was a Michaud and recently we had been working on the Michaud genealogy.

We met with one genealogist and others that were quite familiar with the history of the Michaud family.

In the parking lot of the church they had a band playing and food trailers.
Band playing under the tent. Note the seating provided.
Potato field just north of St. Agatha
Chris - with her 8th cousin, once removed - Mike Michaud. Mike Michaud is currently the Democratic
candidate for governor of Maine.
Bernard Michaud was the primary organizer for the event. He went out of his way to ensure that everyone was getting acquainted and having a good time.
Bob studying some of the genealogy materials that were available.

Kamouraska, Quebec

Pierre Michaud is the progenitor of the Michaud family. He was born in the Vendee region of France in 1637 and immigrated to Quebec Canada in 1656 aboard the ship "LaFortune".

He and his wife, Marie Ancelin had 10 children.

The Michaud Family Association had this monument erected in Kamouraska, Quebec to honor Pierre and his family.

Pierre is Chris' 7th great grandfather.