Chefchaouen to Fes

Hicham was our driver for the 4 hour trip from Chefchaouen to Fes on December 8, 2019.  He was also our driver the next day to Casablanca.  Along the way there were many orange groves and olive trees.  It was picking season for olives.  

During the drive we made two stops.  They were:

  •  Olive Oil Processing
  •  Sebou River overlook

Olive Oil Processing (from tree to jug)

At left is one of the many olive groves along this route.  Looking closely you can see the folks picking the olives and bagging them in the blue bags.

On the right is a truck transporting a load of picked olives to the processing plant.
In the photos below are several images at the processing plant.  November to the end of December is the harvest time for olives in Morocco.  The Moroccan people use a lot of olive oil in their cooking.  You see a young man filling a jug with olive oil in the final image.  Each family needs to obtain enough olive oil at this time of year to last the entire year until the next harvest season.

Sebou River Overlook

We made a brief stop at the Sebou River Overlook.  The Inaouen River is a tributary of the Sebou has a dam (Idriss I Dam).  This results in the lake as seen here.

At the overlook were a few vendors.  One of them was selling these mats.  We needed one for under our Tajine, so we bought this one.