Inks Lake

Our 2018 quest for Texas wildflower photos centered on Inks Lake State Park in the hill country.  With our friend, Ann, we started at the visitor center in Marble Falls Texas (1).  The gentleman at the visitor center suggested a route for wildflower viewing  We approximately followed it.  Photographs were taken at stops 2, 3 and 4.  Our last stop was in Burnet, Texas for ice cream at Happy Scoops.

Route 1980 at 1855

Our first photo op was at the junction of 1980 and 1855.  It is indicated by 2 on the map.  We got some photos of Sundrops and several other flowers at this location.
One of my favorite wildflowers is the wine cup.  Below left, I am attempting to get a close up of this delicate flower.  On the right is the resultant image.

Route 2342

A couple of miles from Inks Lake we stopped along route 2342  for some more photos.  Location 3 on the above map.

Inks Lake State Park

Arrival at Inks Lake was about noon.  The first priority was to have our picnic lunch of which there are no photos. -----You're welcome!
After lunch, activities included hiking, photographing and geocaching.  The following images show the lake, some trails, some wildflowers and the geocache find.

Happy Scoops

Our last stop of the day (5) was at Happy Scoops in Burnet for some wonderful, homemade ice-cream.  Again, no pictures.  When we eat, we forget our cameras.