Kodachrome Basin State Park was named by the National Geographic Society during a photographic shoot in 1949.  The name of the park was briefly changed to Chimney Rock State Park in fear of repercussions from Kodak.  Kodak gave permission and the park went back to the name Kodachrome.

In addition to colorful rock formations, the park is famous for its sandstone spires and columns known as sand pipes.  This is believed to be the only place on earth where these formations exist.

Here are some of our images for our visit:
Grosvenor Arch, which is a double arch, is located about 10 miles from Kodachrome Basin.  We had planned to see it. A day before our arrival the area had experienced some heavy rains.  The photo at left is the car in front of us fording a low spot in the dirt road.  

As this was still about 9 miles from the arch, we decided to pass on the opportunity for this particular adventure.