Portsmouth, NH

For years we had driven by Portsmouth on our way to Maine, but we had never really stopped to explore the area. This year we decided to see what Portsmouth was all about.

We took a cruise to the Isles of Shoals, a walking tour of Portsmouth and sampled some of their restaurants.

This is a view of the town from the water.

Harbor Cruise

Our cruise out to Isles of shoals was aboard the "Thomas Laighton" steamship, which is named after a New Hampshire politician and lighthouse keeper.

Sights along our cruise included: the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the Portsmouth Naval Prison (shutdown in 1974), Whaleback Lighthouse and the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse.

Isles of Shoals

It was about 10 miles out to the 9 islands that make up the Isles of Shoals from Portsmouth. The border between Maine and New Hampshire split the islands, with 5 in Maine and 4 in New Hampshire.

The lighthouse seen above is on White Island, the southern most of the 9 islands.

Below is the Gosport Chapel on Star Island.


While on the cruise, we asked some local residents where we should go for lobsters and clams. They recommended Newick's.

As seen below, we took their advice.