On February 12, 2013 we spent the day on the island of Roatan, Honduras. The Crown Princess docked at Mahogany Bay. This area, with the support of the cruise lines, was developed 4 years ago. There are modern shops, restaurants and bars a short distance from where the ship docks.

It is about a 10 minute walk to Mahogany Beach. You can also take a chair lift to the beach, but at $12 it is a little pricey.

We spent a couple hours at the beach, exploring a short nature trail and visiting some of the shops.

Later we took an excursion to Gumbalimba Park where we took a 2 hour guided walk where saw iguanas, macaws, monkeys and a rabbit that looked more like a big rat than a rabbit.

Mahogany Bay

Our first site as we docked at Mahogany Bay was this old shipwreck. Below are views of the development and the shopping area. The last photo shows a couple of local beers.
Rainbow Macaw

Mahogany Beach

We took the short walk to the beach, via the nature trail. We found a geocache along the nature trail. Below are a couple of images of the beach, the first one taken from the ship.
Swing along the nature trail near the geocache. From this vantage point we could look down over the shopping area.
An iguana in a kapok tree

Gumbalimba Park

This nature park is named after the tree of the same name. The tree is also called the "tourist tree". The skin of tourists resembles the bark of the gumbalimba tree if they stay in the sun too long.

Below, we are getting on a first name basis with a Rainbow Macaw and a Capuchin Monkey.
This image is the spiked trunk of the monkey no-climb tree.