Big Bend 2012

In late March we joined our friends, Gus and Stephenie, for a trip to Big Bend National Park. Our visited areas and activities as follows:

  • Camping at Rio Grande Village
  • Ranger led nature trail
  • Chisos Basin and Boquillas Canyon
  • Santa Elena Canyon

After Big Bend, we spent a couple of days in Terlingua, TX. For this part of the trip, click here.

For photography from our trip, see the following links:

Below is a map of Big Bend NP to show each area of the park that we visited or a particular activity took place.

Camping at Rio Grande Village

We set up our tents in campsite #93 of Big Bend's Rio Grande Village campground. The senior rate for these sites is $7/night. The site was large enough for both our tents so it was only $3.50/night each. There is a store nearby for supplies, including ice(which we needed frequently). The store also has showers - $1.50 for 5 minutes.
Breakfast - even Spam tastes great when prepared at a campsite and combined with scrambled eggs. Spam reminds us of days past, so we often bring a can for camping trips. And, it needs no refrigeration.
Dueling stoves! You do your tacos or tuna - I'll do my shish-kaBOB.

Chisos Basin

The four of us with the Window at Chisos Basin in the background.

Santa Elena Canyon

We were up early to catch the sunrise at Santa Elena Canyon. It was mostly cloudy when we were there, but we enjoyed having the entire canyon to ourselves.

Ranger led Nature Walk

One evening we took a ranger led nature walk. It started a short distance from our tent site.
Our first stop was at this little pond, an unexpected sight in the middle of the dessert.

Boquillas Canyon

It was 94° during our hike into Boquillas Canyon. There was activity on the Mexican side of the border highlighted by a singing cowboy.
Photo op in the canyon.