Anne of Green Gables

by Bob on August 19th, 2011

Prior to our trip to Prince Edward Island, we both read the Lucy Maud Montgomery novel "Anne of Green Gables". We had also watched the movie. The home at left was her cousins house in Cavendish, PEI and served as the inspiration for the house described vividly in the book. Green Gables is now owned by the government of Canada and is part of the Prince Edward Island National Park. We took the short walk through "The Haunted Woods' and along "Lovers Lane" to the site of Lucy Maud Montgomery's grandparents house. Both of these trails are described in the book. She wrote her early books in a room overlooking the woods. Her grandparents ran the post office in Cavendish. She served as assistant post mistress. As such, she was the first to see the incoming mail. Her first attempts to publish her books were rejected. She didn't have to share this news as she was the only one that knew. She had about given up when "Anne of Green Gables" was finally accepted by a Boston publisher. The book, published in 1908, soon became a success and over 100 years later is still selling well.

Below are some additional photos depicting the Haunted Woods trail, Lovers Lane, the foundation of grandparents house and one of the beautiful gardens on the grounds:

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