Posted on August 25th, 2011

At slightly over 400,000 population, Halifax is the largest city in the Atlantic provinces. It serves as the capital of Nova Scotia. As it has the second largest natural harbour in the world, it serves as an important port.

High on a hill overlooking the city is the citadel. Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, was in charge of the North American Royal Army and Navy. He was concerned about the tardiness of his troops so he had a clock built at the citadel that could be viewed from all sides. The clock still keeps time today.
During one of walks in the city, we came across this monument to Joseph Howe (1804-1873). He was a journalist who was charged with libel for writing a story exposing polititians and police that were pocketing public money. The judge recommended conviction, but the jury was impressed with the examples Mr. Howe presented during his 6 hour address and found him innocent. This case was in establishing freedom of the press in Canada. Howe later went into politics eventually becoming Lt. Govenor of Nova Scotia.
While we were in Halifax we attended the final weekend of the 25th annual Buskers Festival. What circuses are to the big top, buskers are to the streets. The harbour district of the city is turned into 5 "rings" for circus type entertainment. There are jugglers, comics, accrobats and fire dancers. The center of activity was just a few blocks from our hotel.

At left, the comic, Grazzo from the UK, performs in front of a standing room croud.

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