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Posted on August 26th, 2011

St. John's Lutheran, St. James Anglican and Trinity United Church line the harbour of the community of Mahone Bay. The New York Times called the view "pretty as a picture". We took the advice of the aforementioned brochure and took the Oakland Road for the view across the water. The road was narrow and in a residential area. We stopped on the road and quickly jumped out to get our photo.
This photo shows an example of a Old Town Lunenburg home with a Widow's Walk. Notice the rooftop railed walkway. These were typical of sea captains' homes. Their wives would pace back and forth, scanning the horizon for a glimpse of their husbands ship returning from the sea.
Lunenburg is also known for its brigtly painted heritage homes. These are especially prevalent along the harbour. The trim on this violet colored house was getting a fresh coat of paint during our visit. The photo was taken from the waterfront looking back to the line of homes facing the harbour.
At one of the many tourist information stations, we had picked up the brochure "South Shore - 2011 Guide". In that they listed the top five photo ops. We were determined to photograph all five. Peggy's Cove was one of the five and is covered in a separate blog. The others were:

  • Three Churches of Mahone Bay
  • Lunenburg Heritage Architecture
  • Lunenburg Waterfront
  • Blue Rocks
The guide book said that the coastal village of Blue Rocks was a 6 minute drive from Lunenburg. We stopped to get directions. We never saw a sign for Blue Rocks, but did come to a grouping of several homes and a T stop. Right of left? We chose left. A few miles past the houses we finally came to signs. We had a chioce of two dead end roads. One going to North Stonehurst while the other went to South Stonehurst. We had obviously missed Blue Rocks. We decided to go towards South Stonehurst and find a place to turn around. What we found was the picturesque community of South Stonehurst. On our way back we did find Blue Rocks. The two photos on the left are from South Stonehurst - the two on the right are Blue Rocks

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