Salado Creek Camping

As owners of a new Nikon D7100 camera and a new REI Camp Dome 4 tent, we decided to take a two day camping trip, despite the temperature approaching 100˚.

We camped near San Antonio along the Salado Creek.  The creek is just beyond the tree line behind our tent. 
Above our tent in one of the many pecan trees was a Muscovy duck.  It stayed in this position for quite a while.

A hike/bike trail , the Salado Creek Greenway, was convenient for our morning and evening walks.  Images of the trail and creek are seen below.
Across the road from the campground was a bus stop for the #24 city bus.  For $1.20 each we got a ride downtown to the river walk.  We were told that we could catch the return bus from the convention center.  Sure enough when we returned to the convention center - there was bus #24.  What we weren't told was that there are more than one #24 routes.  You guessed it! We took the wrong #24.

We got to a stop labeled "end of line".  We asked the driver and he said that we had taken the short line #24, not the long.  He then proceded to drop us off at another stop that was along the route of the long route #24.  After a 29 minute wait in an unfamiliar part of town, we boarded the second #24 to come along.  Yes, there are apparently at least three #24 routes.

While on the river walk we did enjoy the sights and tastes of the area as evidenced by the following images.
Our tent site fortunately had an electrical hookup, so we plugged in the fan that we had brought along. It was a beautiful moon lit night! We brought the fan into the tent when we retired for the night. That worked for us as we both got some sleep. 

Through the trees from our site we were treated to views of the near full moon. 
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Jim & Joyce - July 30th, 2013 at 3:31pm

Cool! That's referring to your photos, not the temperature. Love that super moon shoot and the beautiful photos of the Salapo Creek/River Boat sights. Bet you'll never forget the #24!






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